Study on Retailing— Cross National Customers’ Perception


  • Dr. K. Rajanath Professor, Bhavan’s Vivekananda College, Secunderabad, India
  • Naveen Prakash Mishra Associate Professor, MRM Institute of Management, Hyderabad, India


Organized retail format, Customer’s Perception, Online Marketing, Quality Products


Retailing involves understanding the needs of consumers, developing good assortment of merchandise and displaying the merchandise in an effective manner, to enhance the attractiveness and motivation of consumers to buy. In the recent past, the Indian retail market is witnessing revolutionary transformation and organized retail format is gradually overtaking the unorganized retail format. FDI and Online Marketing will further enhance consumer awareness, knowledge and therefore their demands. The increased demands include “quality products at competitive prices”, better “customer relationship”, better “service facilities” such as “credit card”, “parking”, “faster billing”, “better inventory flow”, “appealing lay out” etc. It is in this context, a study was conducted to understand consumer perceptions on the above parameters presently provided by organized retailers in India. In order to compare Indian Customers’ perception with that of the most advanced country, USA, a similar survey was conducted in select cities in USA and the study details are presented.


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