Attribute Based Perceptual Mapping of Sun Care Brands: An Empirical Investigation among Consumers in Delhi & Andhra Pradesh


  • Dr. Supriti Agrawal Assistant Professor, Amity Business School, Noida, India
  • Dr. Sonia Singh Assistant Professor (Adjunct) Al Falah University, Dubai


Brand, Quality of product, Durability, Price, Discriminant analysis, Perception mapping


Rising aspiration, change in lifestyle & younger generation is entering into employment market. Due to this there is a splurge of new categories of products in personal care industry. This boom is reflected in the potential comparative study of consumer’s perception for sun care products covering five major brands in Delhi & AP. This study focuses on how consumers associate with their selected brands. Discriminant analysis is used to map selected sun care brands along with their attributes. Study investigated about the consumers association of attributes in different dimensions with reference to leading sun care brands. Brands do significantly differ with regard to attributes and thus they fit in to different customer perception.


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